Criminal Case Pacific Bay Bonus Free Energy

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Bonus.

has been released worldwide! You can now play Pacific Bay directly! If you haven't yet started playing Pacific Bay after completing the original Criminal Case city of Grimsbourough, you can now jump straight into the action of the second city!

- As a reminder, Criminal Case and Criminal Case: Pacific Bay are two independent apps, therefore nothing is transferred between them.Playing CC: PB will not affect your game progression on the original Criminal Case.

If you've already started playing Pacific Bay in Criminal Case, you will continue your adventures in the "original" app.

Criminal Case Pacific Bay bonus

Right under the clock and Share! is a verify the text image box.when you verify it will brings Up Free Criminal Case Pacific Bay Fries, Oj and Coins.

We require you to verify the text image to confirm that you are a real human.

Collect your bonus again when the counter resets in: 23:59:59 Hours

If you attempt to exceed your maximum number allowed per day the game Pacific Bay will not permit it. That happens no matter where the Criminal Case Bonuses come from. Here you will NEVER have to wait for your team to provide these bonuses. You will never have exhausted or expired Criminal Case Pacific Bay Energy.

Add us to your favorites press Ctrl + D.

- Criminal Case Pacific Bay Tips and Tricks that you probably won't find elsewhere
- Hints To maximize your Criminal Case Pacific Bay game experience and advancement
- Converters to change your extra Criminal Case Pacific Bay Stars into what you actually want them to be (Fries, Burger, Oj, Stickers).
- Automatic Actions: Feed your Criminal Case Pacific Bay Pets , Accept and Send Energy Gifts, Accelerate your Criminal Case Pacific Bay Level advancement and MORE!!

Hope this helps clear up some of your questions x). You will find much more as you explore the growing features this site will have.

Have a great day and happy gaming players! ^.^

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